Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS 44 – Playmakers Pulls Three Link 3 Monsters!(Subbed) – HD

What a combination of moves!

Transcode Talker, Excode Talker & Powercode Talker!

Playmaker became a loudmouth(Just kidding) 🙂

What will Playmaker do now?

Taken from Episode 44: “Prisoners of Destiny”

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50 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS 44 – Playmakers Pulls Three Link 3 Monsters!(Subbed) – HD

  1. ShadowGamer 03X says:

    ik this comment will get more hate then anything but i didnt like the pendulum stuff but i absolutely love the link monsters rules etc and ya ik it limits your extra deck but at the same time i got to upgrade my decks to link format making new overpowered combos (i thought of them myself i didnt get any ideas from youtube or something else i make my decks and combos without any help of others) but you can still play a casual duel instead of a master duel if you dont like links but give it time when synchro, xyz and pendulum came out they got just as much hate as links has now and you know what synchro and xyz have become 2 of the biggest normalities in the yugioh franchise and some people play pendulums so give link some time and try to give it a chance

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