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Update today!
Blackpink have finally revealed their official light stick version 2 with upgraded new features but with the same, quirky cute hammer design!

If you’ve heard about the news, this upgrade is a limited edition that blinks to a specific sound and comes with an exclusive cradle stand! Isn’t it pretty?

Well guys, this December 6 we are gonna have a special Christmas giveaway. If you invite 10 people to subscribe to our channel and you answer our giveaway question you’ll get a chance to win a blackpink lightstick 2 and a special Christmas gift from us!

Just follow these instructions for you to have an entry. Make sure that your invited subscriptions are valid coz we strictly check per subscription name on our YouTube studio. Good luck and have a merry merry Christmas from us!

1. INVITE 10 people to SUBSCRIBE on our channel.
2. Email us the list of 10 people you invited to subscribe. (Name & email address) Make sure it’s a valid subscription since we strictly check per subscription name.
3. Together with the name & email list of people you invited, please write a message/essay about what makes you happy this Christmas despite the pandemic and why. Send your entry to: [email protected]

1 Lucky Winner will receive a Blackpink Lightstick ver 2 & a surprise Christmas gift from the USA!
1 of the people you invited to subscribe will receive Php200 mobile load.

Raffle ends by 12/06/2020


BLACKPINK Lightstick Version 2:
Blackpink Lightstick Version 1:
Blackpink Lightstick Keyring:

Square Up Black:
Square Up Pink:
How You Like That:
Kill This Love Black:
Kill This Love Pink:
The Album Version 1:
The Album Version 2:
The Album Version 3:
The Album Version 4:
The album Version 1234:
Summer Diary In Seoul 2020:
Summer Diary In Seoul KiT Video:
Summer Diary In Hawaii 2019:
Welcoming Collection 2020:

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