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The Shadow Of Toxic Positivity

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Even though a positive mindset is generally more preferable than a negative one, there’s also a dark side to the whole ‘positivity culture’ we see nowadays. Cuts …

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I remember a "positive vibes" person blatantly mock in front of me by saying, "At least I'm not always wearing depressing black like someone!!" Like wow, gee thanks. That's not getting me feel any "Positive" now does it? Seriously though, the creative industry in my country is filled with these kinds of people. Rich motherfuckers born from Rich families with nothing to lose in their lives if they make a single mistake. Getting anything they want with no care of the consequences because they know mommy and daddy is rich enough to pay off their bail or cover up their misdeeds. Kind of sad to embrace this reality…. Maybe it really isn't worth living in this world…..

I have severe insomnia. Im wrecked and people ask me why i can get by on 1 hours sleep. Im too tired to function.I did that with my diet i was ill. People believe they can do it all. 5 years i developed a weight problem. Mum these pants dont fit theyre sewn on. Glower. Im even heavier now and ive high cholesterol.positivity gets you nowhere. I dont theres an anything positive about denying the obvious. It so frustrating.

“People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.”

Here are a few words of advice from someone with bipolar: sometimes you don't really need to say anything you just need to be there.
Instead of saying "just be happy" ask if the person in question is okay or if they need any help.
Acknowledging a problem is the first step in solving it

I see everything as a lesson, thats why i dont see things in bad light. It has worked out gorgeous for me all these years. Break ups, losing my mom, losing a job, losing money, close to losing other family members. All were lessons.. it already happened, so just smile anyway and grasp the lesson.

This was an amazing message, thank You!

My view is that: 'toxic positivity' only SUPPRESSES our emotions so that they aren't visible on the outside, but nevertheless, they reside in the so-called 'preconscious mind'. And when they get forced to get to this place, they feel trapped, UNHEARD, and brutally DISCARDED there. This, as you mentioned, results in an unexpected burst of those emotions after a while. It can occur in either days, months, or years, but one thing is for sure: this explosion is, sooner or later, inevitable! Let's remember y'all: there is no such thing as positive or negative emotions. Emotions can be whether PLEASANT TO FEEL or UNPLEASANT TO FEEL, but ALL of them are positive, by which I mean they are ALL NECESSARY FOR US AS HUMAN BEINGS. They are the NATURAL COMPASSES of our DEEP NEEDS, the SIGNIFIERS of our unresolved inner conflicts, problems, mental disorders. One can start practising the REAL positivity, once they make sure ANY of their inner conflicts, problems, mental disorders isn't generating these unpleasant emotions. Honest psychotherapy is what the majority of the population needs.

Every emotion served your ancestors well enough make you exist. emotions are not binary, emotions come in gradients of intensities and mixes, yes, your mixed feelings are valid and real.
i is the one liners like "My blood type is B+" that catch phrase invalidates every other blood type, even O- which Is the universal donor blood
type. Anyone and everyone can receive an O- type transfusion.
Toxic positivity is when your positive attitude is when one tries to make someone smile for your own comfort positivity doesn't help those
who feel like they are dying inside? Has anyone ever successfully comforted a friend who was just dumped after a 5 year relationship? Have you ever tried to comfort one who has lost a child custody case? or what about a mother who has lost her child to a rare disease with no cure?
It is all about context, context, context. you don't wear your happy face at a funeral and you don't try to put "fun" back in "funeral." even if it's your worst enemy's. you show respect for the dead by either not attending your worst enemy's funeral. These days with Covid19 deaths and it's new variants to quote Depeche Mode, "Death is everywhere. There's a fly on the wind screen for a start." Either way, every life has intrinsic value and is irreplaceable. Especially, when you can't feel yourself worth. Offer them your ears for you have two to listen with as well as two shoulders for someone to cry on, Let them know it's okay to release their Substance P (the hormone of physical pain and emotional pain) can be found in tears. May the inner peace be with you. you can be neutral instead
of choosing a side.

It becomes and issue when it's forced. If the world didn't constantly tell people who to be and how to feel maybe we wouldn't struggle so much. But that's okay.
My solution to this is to look inside. Negative? Positive? Lots of information and people just going crazy over being told how to feel.
Maybe just look into our selves and figure out how we feel first(instead of having people tell us).
I've actually found meditation to help. No. Not the "I bought 30$ candles and essences and Buddha statues and a robe" to meditate with because I'm so woke. (not that there is anything wrong with having those things). But to actually look in and process all of my feelings good and bad… Shame and guilt. Anger and happiness. Whatever it is without judging it. And remember I am me regardless of how I feel.
Modern culture has turned meditation to something fancy and special. It's not. It's simple. Our minds make it complicated.
Don't let anyone tell you how to feel. Feel however you do. 🍀

No to forced happiness 😤 / Yes to Authenticity 💐
Some people really think that “happiness” is the only mood we should stay in. It’s not true. We are human beings and real life is harsh.
Cute quote from the movie The Wind Rises: “The wind is rising, we must try to live.”

Thank you for posting this…. overtime i began to see the "mask" that we all wear. Being "positive " is one of the hardest things you can do as a human being. It is not easy or simple. I know this because of my own bouts with depression. There are no other words that I hate more than "just get over it." for me those words always made my problems worse. True healing is when you face your problems head on and knowing who you are as a person

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