Sony PS4 Unboxing

Unboxing of the new Sony PlayStation4 game console and the Dual Shock 4 controller. Pricing: Please Like and Subscribe Subscribe: …

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27 thoughts on “Sony PS4 Unboxing

  1. CookieThief_420 says:

    I had a PS4 when I was 7 (In 2016 if I remember correctly) in 2019 I uploaded Fortnite (In Season 7) and while I was grinding to get "Blue Mettalic" Wrap then my mom took it away because I was too close to the TV and she thought it would hurt my eyes then she gave it back 2 days before the Marshmallow concert in July I buyed STW when Season X came out I played a Death Run and it was so hard my parents took away my PS4 for a while because it was their turn to watch TV (I actually cried) (I never got "Origin" version of "Ultima Knight") When Chapter 2 Season 2 came out for a while I was going to get "Meowscles" but Some one came in to fix the light bulb. There was no WIFI for a day I was trying to play Marvel's Spider-Man but then it crashed and send me to "Safe Mode" I watched tutorials on how to fix it but I have to delete all my hard-work on Fortnite. I begged my mom to get me an Xbox on my Birthday (08.04) but then she told me that gamestop was closed instead she brought me a 15$ Play Store Card and it was a pile of SHIT it's been 1 Fucking year and I finally got it. An Xbox One S and I wasn't the same. I miss my old PS4

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