25 thoughts on “PS4 Slim 500GB vs PS4 Slim 1TB – Which Is The Better Value?

  1. Alex Aviles says:

    No entendí nada de lo que dijo xd cual sería mejor gente :v.? Ya que en juegos solo usaría el monster hunter world, spiderman, god of war, call of duty, smite, doom y la saga souls seria mejor la de 500 o la de 1 tb ya que una esta más barata xd

  2. Rob L says:

    PS4 Slim 2TB harddrive model came with Horizon Zero dawn and a couple of other downloadables. Solid State Drive plus the seagate drives suck. they aren't worth the money. I'm using 2TB intal and 2TB External. Payed less than 400.

  3. Lily Valley says:

    The segsvate or whatever pretty looking color plus $5, less. Not bad price for 2 TerraBites. Glad found this, so not make a mistake. I can always get the external later on holiday sales. I forgot saw that un other video in here in other channel during my research.

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