ProShow Producer 7

Available Now! ProShow Producer 7 makes your slideshows look and sound better than ever! Discover a new dimension of convenience and exciting possibilities for bringing your shows to life, including built-in music, free FX & content, new publishing options & more – right at your fingertips. Learn more and download a free trial today:

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16 thoughts on “ProShow Producer 7

  1. mrmister001 says:

    My channel in Youtube has 2 million views and I use actually Camtasia. I'd love if someday Proshow would add a timeline to edit videos, for me is quite better the time line way to edit and make all the post production process. As soon you add the timeline, I am moving right away to Photodex. I used your software and I like it, however I need more power for editing, that is the reason I need a timeline.

  2. JRW says:

    how to remove yellow banner in proshow producer 7
    I make my own slideshow vide from proshow producer 7 but create time it looks not great because of yellow banner please tell me how to remove its

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