Pronunciation Workshop: Session 1 R and W Sounds

Session 1 R and W Sounds Học Tiếng anh giao tiếp với bộ Pronunciation Workshop. Các bạn nhớ đăng kí kênh và theo dõi để đón chờ các video sau nha .

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24 thoughts on “Pronunciation Workshop: Session 1 R and W Sounds

  1. lemon N says:

    R's at the beginning of words (9:05)
    – Rock, Rip, Reach, Road, Rain, Rich, Rome, Raise, Robe, Rice
    – They round rooster rushed into the wrong road

    R's at the end of words or after a vowel (10:35)
    – Car, Far, Star, Door, Bear, Four, Air, Year, Turn, Poor

    R's in the middle of words (11:30)
    – He is very very nice. She is very very tall.
    – Direction, Arrange, Erase, Correct, Marry, Garage, Original, Hurry, Zero, Marine, Berry, Operation, Caring, Arrive, Everyone

    T/P…+r (12:57)
    – Training, Trust, Trip, Great, Tropical, Bring, Print, President, Product, Cracker, Crawl, Break
    – Subtract, Waitress, Nutrition, Australia, Introduce, Compress, Oppression, Betray
    – Her career in the law firm is permanent.
    – Richard and Brooke took a ride in their brand new Range Rover Truck.
    – Everyone will respect the Royal Family when they arrive at the airport.
    – The trip to the Rocky Mountains will be rescheduled on Friday.

    W (17:50)
    – Why, Which, When, What, Wipe, Wish, Weight, Wing
    – Always, Away, Beware, Awake, Someone, Rewind, Halloween, Hollywood
    – The wind from the west was very wet.
    – We woke up and washed the white washcloth.
    – We waited for the waitress to give us water.
    – We had a wonderful time in Washington and Wisconsin.

    Q (19:55)
    – Question, Quiet, Queen, Qualify, Quit, Quebec, Quilt, Choir

    R and W paragraph ( 20:40)
    – Ray was born in Russia. He dreamed of building the perfect roller coaster at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.
    – He had a friend named Fred who lived in Norway. Fred's profession was designing railroad tracks, and his career involved traveling all around the world.
    – Ray thought it would be perfect if Fred designed his roller coaster ride. Fred was creative, brilliant, and worked well with railroad tracks.
    – He would be the perfect engineer for the project. The ride took two years to construct and was pained Red and White.
    – Everyone really wanted to ride the brand new roller coaster.

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