Print Web Page with jQuery

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34 thoughts on “Print Web Page with jQuery

  1. Nilton Oliv says:

    I built it here, looking for the database, it worked perfectly. It is possible to make the list of customers in two columns, taking list by state and city. Can you tell me how to build. I already select with INNER JOIN from the state and city tables. I don't know how to use it in php, to make the select the state/city data.

  2. Θωμάς Νικηδιώτης says:

    Broo why this is not working?? the error is printThis is not a function….


    function makePDF()


    $('#dataTable').printThis({debug: false, // show the iframe for debugging

    importCSS: true, // import parent page css

    importStyle: false, // import style tags

    printContainer: true, // print outer container/$.selector

    loadCSS: "", // path to additional css file – use an array [] for multiple

    pageTitle: "", // add title to print page

    removeInline: false, // remove inline styles from print elements

    removeInlineSelector: "*", // custom selectors to filter inline styles. removeInline must be true

    printDelay: 333, // variable print delay

    header: null, // prefix to html

    footer: null, // postfix to html

    base: false, // preserve the BASE tag or accept a string for the URL

    formValues: true, // preserve input/form values

    canvas: false, // copy canvas content

    doctypeString: '…', // enter a different doctype for older markup

    removeScripts: true, // remove script tags from print content

    copyTagClasses: false, // copy classes from the html & body tag

    beforePrintEvent: null, // function for printEvent in iframe

    beforePrint: null, // function called before iframe is filled

    afterPrint: null


    //var printMe = document.getElementById('dataTable')

    //var wme ="","","width:900","height:900px");







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