Prey PC System Requirements Revealed

The System Requirements for Prey have recently been released online. In this video I take a look at the recently revealed PC system requirements for Prey 2017.

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41 thoughts on “Prey PC System Requirements Revealed

  1. Tech says:

    Ram is so cheap. Upgrade to 16, it's the standard now in 2017 for high end gaming. Sure you could send it to your page file on your hard drive but if you're using a mechanical forget it. If you have an ssd the page file isn't so bad.

  2. Bender Rodriguez says:

    Runs great on PS4 Pro I know many don't care. I'm a PC gamer mainly but now I'm playing console because I'm so tired of broken, bad, unfinished, non-working, etc. Sucks Using a controller but all my games work with no Bullshit. I game on anything any platform because in it for the games, not what runs them. Well, sometimes I do with my PC.

  3. Marcus Cato says:

    I mean. If they chose not to release the demo for PC, we can only hope it's because they felt it's not ready yet. Still pretty unstable. Like Dishonored: 2.

    And if that's the case. Then i think it's a good thing. Otherwise everyone would bash the game for it's performance, while completely overlooking that it's not the final version of the game… PC Gamers tend to do that for some reason.

  4. Lit says:

    You know what I won't buy or will wait for any game to become dirt cheap if they have a demo for ps4 or xbone but not PC, fuck u dev. I can take that they release it first on PS4 and Xbone then later come out on PC like JRPS games, but having a demo for Xbone and PS4 and not PC, that's like me being denied a food sample for just belong to my race, the masterace.

  5. Daquaffness1 says:

    Mush just so you know the team that developed prey (Arkane texas) isn't the same that developed Dishonored 2 so the port may not be complete shit although it is possible. I also heard that one of the reasons they didn't make a pc beta is because many times a pc beta is released people get into some of the files and find things cut from the game before it's even released

  6. Tijmen J. says:

    why is it so strange to have old gpu's as a minimum? Gaming isn't about who has the fastest GPU. Even people that don't have the money to update every year should be able to play new games. Just at way lower quality, perfectly fine. As long as it doesn't impair quality for higher end systems.

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