Premiere Pro CS4 Tutorial (Sequence, Cutting and Render Settings)

In this tutorial I will be covering some basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. The video has commentary so please have your volume on. See the list of topics covered …

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25 thoughts on “Premiere Pro CS4 Tutorial (Sequence, Cutting and Render Settings)

  1. WolFsOn Catalyx says:

    thank you!
    this video teach better than my lecturer.
    he gave project as homework, but didn't even teach how to render properly.
    so i always ended up with this result which has like black borders on the each side of the video…
    anyway, thanks!

  2. David Weeden says:

    Hey guys I have a brand new sealed copy of Adobe CS5 for mac up for auction on ebay, The reserve is only $180 for this item, Just trying to help someone get this great software put to use and put a few bucks in my pocket, square biz here just al ink to the auction, sorry if not allowed erase please.

  3. lemonbade says:

    I would love you to do a tutorial where you explain each of the settings in detail. For example, when you chose your frame rate- why did you not choose 25 fps as the standard? I use CS3 for normal video editing from a mini dv camcorder so would like to know if the settings on CS4 are different for me, and why. Thanks !

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