PostgreSQL Vs. MySQL

PostreSQL is a great SQL platform that is truly SQL, unlike MySQL that has forked from the standard. MySQL is definitely the thing to run if your software was built to run on LAMP, but if you are starting from scratch there is a lot of advantages to running PostgreSQL

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33 thoughts on “PostgreSQL Vs. MySQL

  1. undercrackers56 says:

    When you mention "mySQL" do you really mean "MariaDB"? PostgreSQL is free for commercial use (BSD license). However, I discovered a couple of years back that mySQL was NOT free for commercial use and had commercial licensing similar to Microsoft SQL Server. Is this still the case?

  2. Mill Eudic says:

    I had problems running MySQL, even if in past was succesful. However found MySQL deals different with views and is strict with data types, making me keep an separate schema or having to modify existing code, to handle basic db operations to provide for MySQL expected datatype. Not interested, stick to PostgreSQL and SQLite.

  3. enio ricardo de farias says:

    o postgres tá lento pra caramba. já fiz todos os tutoriais de tunning pra melhorar a velocidade e continua lento. pra comparar: uma tabela com 60 milhos de linhas e 7 colunas, um select que resulta em 10 linhas leva dois minutos. se eu fizer a mesma pesquisa usando grep em um csv retorna o resultado em 40 segundos. alguém tem alguma sugestão de melhorias e ajustes para o postgres?

  4. Yennick Schepers says:

    MySQL is alot better nowadays and a fairly reliable option for a database server. I agree that PostgreSQL is a better choice in most cases. MySQL used to shine with it's limited resource usage and easy to set-up in smaller projects, but SQLite is an excellent alternative in these cases.

  5. Benjamin Smith says:

    As others have said, comparing raw performance between the two can be tough. But here's my $0.02:

    MySQL does rather well with simple queries, particularly when memory is constrained. Need a key/value pair storage? MySQL is great. PostgreSQL stomps the ever loving stuffing out of MySQL when you have very large queries with a complex schema, and lots of RAM is available.

    Give PostgreSQL gobs of RAM and it will make very effective use of it. Also, OP does a terrible job of describing ACID.

  6. gavino thegreat says:

    oracle must DIE fuck oracle, you do not want to go public and then get money and switch to oracle, when your money is better spent on hardware. POstgresql and firebird DB are both better than mysql or mariaDB. MariaDB has hope but is far behind firebird and postgresql. Python people dont ignore zodb

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