PortraitPro Body Tutorial and Review | Part 2 of 2

Here’s the second part of my 2-part PortraitPro series. This one covers how to use PortraitPro Body, their new body sculpting and contouring software.

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15 thoughts on “PortraitPro Body Tutorial and Review | Part 2 of 2

  1. Adrian S. says:

    Excellent tutorial!
    I've been a user of PortraitPro for over 12 years now and continue to keep it in my editing toolbox.
    I'd like to talk a bit about this "body" software though. I just purchased PP Body 3 Studio Edition a few days ago and tried to incorporate it into my PS/CC, Nik workflow. Here are my thoughts:
    This is a useful tool when batch editing subjects in conventional poses (full body portraits, fashion catalogs, chubby brides, etc.). I, however, shoot a lot of fine art nudes, swimwear, boudoir, bodyscapes, etc. These genres are known for their "unconventional" poses (laying on back w/ feet in the air, crawling on all-4s, yoga poses, etc.). I find that the auto-select AI, which is the main feature and selling point of this software, really struggles with creative poses. I find myself bypassing the auto-select all together and just doing manual selection, which is time consuming and lacks consistency from image to image. My photographic style is also "single light studio," so my images feature very dramatic shadows. This coupled with the unconventional poses is just way beyond the abilities of the auto-select AI. That being the case, this software is no more useful to me than the body liquify tool that PS already comes with. As for the price point, I paid $60 for the download. In my opinion, it should be more in the $40 range. I watched your videos hoping to find some hack that would overcome these obstacles, but it just is what it is.

    Thanks for your great videos and keep up the good work!

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