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Pop-Up Tutorial 26 – Pull-strips – Part 2 – Flaps

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Flaps can add surprise and intrigue to a pop-up spread. An image may be hidden underneath which is revealed as the tab is pulled – they can also be used to …

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Hi ! I love your videos and they have been so helpful to me but i was wondering if there was a way to combine this technique and the automatic one? Im trying to get a door (a flap moving with the direction of the pull strip) to open but i can seem to figure one out to work with the automatic one

I love pop-ups I have a fascination towards them and I've been trying to learn it for so long like all the techniques and I love your channel so much thank you for putting these out there, you're teaching skills are amazing and I enjoy watching all the videos you're amazing thank youuuu

thank you so much for this tutorial! i've been looking for elegant ways to let something pop up from under the "drawer" of a matchbox and peek through a hole in the "mantle" when sliding it open (and being able to let it fold togehter neatly when sliding it back in, too!). this tutorial greatly helped me! thanks for sharing your knowledge with us with these very easy to follow videos!

you will never know how did I loved, this type of art when I was a little girl.. now that I am 67, it still making the miracle of joy and happiness inside me… what a lovely hands you have sir… merry christmas for you and your family, thank you very much for taking me back to that place again!I bought the biplane pop pattern for making greeting cards of christmas this year, I hope I can achieve it! please, wish me luck!

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