Photoshop presets FREE (60+ color grading LUTs including cinematic Teal & Orange)

Thanks for watching! This is a LUT package for photoshop. It contains more than 60 LUTs for color grading including Standard and Cinestyle Teal & Orange LUT.

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30 thoughts on “Photoshop presets FREE (60+ color grading LUTs including cinematic Teal & Orange)

  1. Remy Slim says:

    This is easily one of the best videos/tutorials, I'm a complete beginner with photoshop and photography, and I'm speechless. This is so extremely helpful and I can't say just how impressed and blown away by how quick it was to download the file. Extract it. Copy the files to the specified folder. Restart Photoshop, and it's there and ready to go. Wow. Thank you. Daaaaaaaaang. This was perfect for what I was hoping to achieve aesthetically. Thank you!

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