MOS PowerPoint 2016 Exam Practice Test (Part 1)

This video will help you to master PowerPoint 2016 so you can be successful on your MOS exam!

The video will show you how to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and images, insert and format tables, apply transitions and animations, and lastly, manage multiple presentations.

Content ⌚time stamps⌚
Task 1: Create a new slide layout AND add placeholders 1:04
Task 2: Align pictures: 3:49
Task 3: Reorder Animations: 4:26
Task 4: Change colour and outline of icon 6:00
Task 5: Add animation effect 6:54
Task 6: Save file as PDF 7:28
Task 7: Print select section 8:17


Task 1: Change the size of a slide: 9:15
Task 2: Create a custom slide show: 10:36
Task 3: Embed fonts in a presentation: 11:48
Task 4: Change the play back options on an audio file: 12:41
Task 5: Apply an artistic effect to an object: 13:20

Task 1: Move object to front: 14:06
Task 2: Insert Transition effect: 14:52
Task 3: Apply a WordArt style fill: 15:32
Task 4: Move a slide: 16:51

Task 1: Insert slides from outline (word doc.) 17:30
Task 2: Change chart type: 18:19
Task 3: Error! HIDE COMMENTS, NOT DELETE: 19:28
Task 4: Format and Modify a Table: 19:56

This is part 1 of 2:

To check out my PowerPoint 2013 MOS video, click here:

To access the project files in this video, click here:

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41 thoughts on “MOS PowerPoint 2016 Exam Practice Test (Part 1)

  1. Mike's Office says:

    Hey everyone! ERROR ALERT! at 19:36 I have "Hide Slide comment" and instead I deleted the slide comment. Oops. I did that "on purpose" to show you how easy it is to make a mistake lol. I will do a new video showing the difference between hide comments and delete comments soon!

  2. Cheyenne Schoen says:

    Thank you for your clear and detailed instruction, Mike! I just took Powerpoint, Excel and Word 2019 tests and passed them all, thanks in part to this and others of your videos available on Youtube. Even after multiple practice exams through GMetrix I would've been in the dark had I not decided to binge-watch your videos on 1.25 speed the morning before!

  3. Sweet TeaS says:

    I tried twice but I couldn’t get 700
    It’s a little sad but I want to get over 700 my next attempt any suggestions on how to do it besides this video. I have already been certified in word and I’m trying to work on PowerPoint but it feels harder

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