Make Awesome Portfolio Additions That 'WOW' Viewers

Make awesome portfolio posts that wow whoever views them! In todays graphic deign video, we look at how to make really neat additions to your portfolio, as I …

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23 thoughts on “Make Awesome Portfolio Additions That 'WOW' Viewers

  1. shestudies says:

    I tried to do something like that to show my thesis, I started it on photoshop and then moved to indesign because I feel more comfortable there. That was a great vid! One of my concerns while uploading a behance project, so that if doesn't hinder the visualization was whether I should break up the long piece or just have it as a long stripe as you did…

  2. Siddhant Jain says:

    This is a great channel for designers. I noticed the alignment issue, it always bugs me when things are not aligned lol.

    Hey Satori, can you please show us how to showcase larger projects (with more than 20 screens) so it contains maximum amount of screens?

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