How To Make Krupuk Prawn Crackers From Scratch

Prawn Crackers (also called Krupuk) are the crispiest thing on the planet. I have a recipe on how to make shrimp crackers from scratch for you, but first we need …

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41 thoughts on “How To Make Krupuk Prawn Crackers From Scratch

  1. Edda Van Leemputten says:

    I’ve only ever tried it with shop bought raw krupuk, but for those watching their fat intake: you don’t need to fry these in oil. Stick a few crackers in a bowl, crank the microwave oven to high and watch them puff up. Don’t cover the bowl. Depending on the amount of crackers, their size and the strength of the microwave oven the time will vary. My 900W microwave oven does them in one minute and twenty seconds if I put six crackers in there that are twice the size of the ones in this video. Watch them carefully, because leaving them in too long will result in burnt crackers and those are NOT what you want.

    They won’t stick to your tongue and the texture will be dryer. But it does work and it yields an extremely low fat snack you can enjoy with a diet-friendly dip.

    I discovered this by accident when a few krupuk wafers I wanted to fry up got splashed with water and I only noticed after a few minutes. They had soggy spots and I figured I might as well try drying them out in the microwave, rather than throwing them out. To my surprise, they puffed up (except for a few spots that were just too soggy).

    Now, please note that for some odd reason this doesn’t work without a bowl in some microwave ovens.

  2. traviantist says:

    Unpopular and mostly forgotten. To have a non oily krupuk/crackers is to fry them using clean sand instead of oil. It is much easier and you can even hold it while frying. In the old days when oil is out of reach, this is how its done and silently done by krupuk factories (cost saving, efficiency, uniforms cooking, no smokes ), just need to shake off the coarse sand.

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