How to get Prison Architect For FREE on PC! 2019 (Cracked)

Today I am showing you guys how to get Prison Architect for free as a cracked version on pc with no torrent files or anything! Do you wan’t to donate some …

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35 thoughts on “How to get Prison Architect For FREE on PC! 2019 (Cracked)

  1. TanItYT says:

    If when you try to open the game and it takes you to steam do this steps:

    1. Open the folder after extracting the .zip

    2. Open "plaza-prison.architect.the.clink.iso"

    3. Open "PLAZA" folder

    4. Select all the files and copy

    5. Go to where the game was installed (C:Program Files (x86)Prison Architect The Clink)

    6. Paste the files

    7. Allow all the files to be replaced

    There, now the game will open without Steam popping up. Hope this helps!!!

    PS:if it does not work try turning off your anti-virus real time scaning

  2. Dennis Wilson says:

    I gotta say i was really really skeptical of this video..but decided to give it a shot…made sure i was protected..downloaded..opened with winrar or did open with steam and i done as the other viewer said and opened right a like from me…keep it up..

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