How to Fix the Error Usb Power Surge on Windows 10

Usb connects and disconnects automatically when you plug it in and says that there is no power memory.

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SSD:Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB
CPU:i5 4690k 3.5 GHZ
RAM:HyperX 16GB FURY DDR3 1600MHz CL10 KIT
CASE:NZXT H440 – Black and green
HDD:Western Digital 1TB Blue
MOTHERBOARD:Asrock Z97 pro4

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40 thoughts on “How to Fix the Error Usb Power Surge on Windows 10

  1. Jam X says:

    It did work for me. The second option tho. The power setting, I quickly judged that the first one won't work for me since some options under Human Interface in device manager is not there. Another, when I disabled it in power setting, there is another option to disable.

  2. Dreams says:

    I found its an issue with my keyboard, whenever the cable is a certain way it causes a power surge and all my USB devices stop working until I move the cable, it's very annoying and only starting happening literally yesterday and I don't understand why.

  3. ニキビ says:

    big man, Thank you for the video, the port has this issue, it works only with self-powered devices like a scanner or external HD, couldn't fix it though I tried,
    this issue started after I plugged headphones were wet from the rain. please help , thank you

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