How to Download ANY VIDEO Safely

In this video, I guide you through the process of downloading a video from YouTube without having to worry about downloading extra chrome plugins or potential viruses. We will be using VLC player in this demonstration.

Download VLC Player Here:

Try Amazon Prime for FREE here:

DISLAIMER: Please remember that you should not download any content that you do not own the rights to or have not obtain permission from the creator.

0:00 Intro
0:10 Disclaimer
0:20 YouTube Downloader websites and why to avoid them
0:46 How to download videos using VLC player
3:52 Why do videos download from YouTube in 720p
5:18 Outro

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What equipment do I use?

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50 thoughts on “How to Download ANY VIDEO Safely

  1. Mitch McCoy says:

    You, sir, are amazing. I have looked at numerous videos to try to capture some of my old family videos from years ago…, but they were all sketchy with online link capture or download app angles or they just didn't work. This was straightforward and solid. The only issue I ran into (and it was a tricky one to figure out but had nothing to do with your instructions cuz VLC changed the UI) was that on the Mac, and at this time, the UI is so very different. I had to go to Window > Media Information > General. Once I tracked that down, everything else worked the same! Brilliant! Thank you for sharing the knowledge!

  2. Michael Clark says:

    Great video tutorial, worked right away Thanks! Just one thing; I downloaded today 3/18/21 the upgrade for VLN, v. 3.0.12 and the codex info only has 480×360 video resolution, not 720p. Is that a setting on my pc I need to change? Worked perfectly anyway. Today 3/19/21 I downloaded another video and the resolution was 720 – so the 1st one must just have been a different video recording setting.

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