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How To Create A Popup Using Elementor For FREE | Popup Button Trigger

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Learn how to create a popup on elementor for free

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50 trả lời trong “How To Create A Popup Using Elementor For FREE | Popup Button Trigger”

Thanks a lot for a great video Uriel, this is almost exactly what I was looking for. The only problem is that I can't figure out how to change the popup window background color. Whatever I do, it's always transparent black, even when I change the background color of the pop-up page, there is no effect. Any idea where might be a problem? Thanks a lot!

Thank Uriel, it's really helpful. I am facing an issue, the height of the popup window is not getting fixed despite I am trying to fix it through min-height and padding adjustment etc. But the height of popup window is not just getting less. I appreciate your help.

Best, aasiph

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