How to Convert PowerPoint to MS Word Editable File

Convert PowerPoint Slide to Editable MS Word File
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18 thoughts on “How to Convert PowerPoint to MS Word Editable File

  1. Juh says:

    Thank you so much. You are amazing making me save tons of time. I knew recently another format you showed at the beginning but it didn’t copy the pictures or graphs. I’m currently putting all my class pp slides on word so I can started doing exercises and take my notes before class starts next week. By using your method means I always be ahead and on point in the class. I’m extremely grateful. You are *****.

  2. Idia Ogala says:

    Hey how are you? I wanted to see if you can support with a WORD issue I'm having. I transferred a document from PPT to WORD using an online converter, then build onto the new file by adding text and additional formatting.

    For some reason, some of the elements from the PPT (before the document conversion) are in the background. I can only see the overlap when I export the WORD doc to PDDF, not within WORD. It's really negatively impacting my document. Can you help?

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