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I walk you through how to set up and do a basic edit in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2015 version) so you can start making your own videos!

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“Intrepid” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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43 trả lời trong “FULL TUTORIAL – Adobe Premiere Pro CC for BEGINNERS – LATEST VERSION (2015) (HD)”

hahahaaaa Awesome video Man. Keep the drop!!!! All you bitchy ass people should've moved on if it bothered you that bad hahahaaa. You wasted time in your life hatin a cough drop when Dude was tryin to help you hahaha. What awesomeness from you haters! Glad we're not friends 😉 hahahaaa Merry Saturnaliam/m/ Thanks for the help Guy!!

Sucking on a sweet and talking and playing with it against your teeth? Come on man, so annoying and distracting…if you weren't well atleast a heads-up or apology to start with…I couldn't make it 5 mins in, can't deal you sucking and playing with a sweet in your mouth the whole time

Bro great info but I literally had to stop watching it because of the damn cough drop and u just kept eating more and more it’s soooooooooooo unbearable when ur trying to do a tutorial. Also ur voice is very monotoned and like the scratchy like where ur barely talking that kind of voice is hard to listen to for a long time. Talk louder if u have to but that cracking from ur voice and the cough drop together is why this never took off. Just sayin man.

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