(EP 4) Installing PS4 Games, DLC & Updates (PS4 6.72 Jailbreak)

How to install Games, DLC & Updates on a Jailbroken PS4. This video also covers how to fix an update failing to install and how to install pkg files faster with the remote package installer.

PS4 Jailbreak Tutorials:

DNS: /

Download Links:

T4 Patch Repackager Script:

Fake PKG Tools v1.5.1:


HxD (Hex Editor):

Duxa’s Patch Repackager Tool:

PS4 Package Sender v1.2:

Nodejs required for Pkg sender ^:

Remote Pkg Installer:

0:00 – Intro
1:17 – FPKG Setup
7:18 – Installing Games, DLC Updates on PS4
9:37 – Fixing Updates not Applying to Game Pkg
16:12 – Getting Faster Remote Pkg Installer Speeds
23:40 – Common Remote Package Installer Issues
26:04 – Outro
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47 thoughts on “(EP 4) Installing PS4 Games, DLC & Updates (PS4 6.72 Jailbreak)

  1. ChaosHacks says:

    Thanks for the awesome content. Im a noob when it comes to the PS4. How do you put the pkg file onto usb? If I try that with a fake package file I get an error saying there is not enough room on this file system as consoles still use fat32 which has a file size limit of 4gb. I really hope the PS4 gets something like Multiman like on the PS3 which can install package files off NTFS drives.

  2. Venusa Tupaz- Mayote says:

    hello Sir, this is a bit late but i'd like to ask for help with making RPI faster. in my case my pc can only connect to the internet thru ethernet cable, so i can't use ethernet cable from pc to ps4. if perhaps I'll purchase an ethernet port splitter how should i set up the ethernet sharing settings? thanks if this will be answered. also many thanks for your tutorials.. i have much knowledge with computers and new to ps4 jb but ur tutorials are very noob friendly.. many thanks!

  3. Dont Follow %143% says:

    Need help please.
    I am getting file corrupt Error when installing most of the games.
    " Error ce-36244-9"
    I ve downloaded more than 12 games over the period of 4 weeks and only 3 of which have worked and the other ones getting same error. Help will be really appreciated.

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