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Beginners Premiere CS6 Tutorial

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The Training Course will be released on Monday morning with a discount price.

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Does it have a screen recording function? What screen recorder are you using? I see this video is 8 years old.
How much is it? I can't tell if it's a free download in 2021 or if there is a fee. There's a download button, but nowhere does it say free or pay. I'm not hitting any download buttons unless I know what I'm doing. Very unprofessional for Adobe to not be clear on that.

Sir i have a question..i am new to the adobe premier but i'm testing out editing an anime(with subtitle) and i don't know why everytime i drop the crop video in my timeline and play it to the other one, it doesn't fit like i already can't see the was automatically zoomed in..thankyou sir

Hey if anyone could help me that would be awesome. When I look at my source window my clips look perfect but when I put them into the timeline on the other window they are all zoomed into the clip and look really weird. Can someone PLEASE help me because I have no clue what to do. I'm used to final cut pro x.

AWESOME! Thanks. Am really looking forward to it. I wanted to use Final Cut Pro 7 but it doesn't work with my mac. Every time I try to import video it keeps on saying "Unrendered" with a blue background. It's a real shame as I am unable to use it. So that's why Adobe Premiere CS6 is seems to be the closest I will ever get to Final Cut Pro 7. Keep up the awesome work!

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