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A day in the life of a product designer at Uber

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Hey friend! Welcome to this day in the life WFH edition! I have tried to be as transparent as possible with you in this video, showing you all the different kind of work I get up to during the day. While I couldn’t show you my actual design project work, I talk you through what I’m doing and what the key moments of my day are. Hope it helps you get an idea of what a typical day is like as a product designer 🙂

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0:00 – Introduction
0:39 – Getting ready for the day
1:19 – Starting my workday
2:14 – User Research Session
3:06 – Breakfast + goals for the day
4:22 – Deep Work design time
5:10 – Product Working Session
6:40 – Lunch + Design Prioritisation Session
7:21 – Quick walk + talk
9:01 – Checkpoint 4 Meeting
9:26 – Design QA’ing
11:44 – End of day wrap up

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Haha when you said 3-4 hours of meetings per day, i felt that! I have a pretty similar day as a product designer, standup daily, product sync, and various other meetings and user testing sessions. I too am trying to figure out the balance of it all to be most productive, will update you if I figure it out 😆💕

Thanks for such lovely video! I'm from Russia, working on trading platforms interfaces. As for me, the keyword about me is "trying".
I'm trying to make it, I'm trying not to waste time, I'm trying to get focused in the rest 19 minutes, I'm trying to catch up my calendar and make it to check my email in time. I feel that this is a permanent process trying to get your own zen and never get it for real.
¯ _(ツ)_/¯

Hello Femka, seeing your April video in the future in October as you said but nothing has changed since then. About the name MURAL, just wondering how it got its name 🤔. As you are into design and are interested in different cultures, I'm sure you know about mural paintings. Check out "Gajendra Moksham" mural painting at Krishnapuram Palace in case if you are interested. 👍

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