4 Better Alternatives to Thank you Slides: Presentation Ideas

Find better alternatives to Thank you Slides in your business presentation. Don’t get stuck with a boring and pointless thank you slide. This is the slide that your audience continues to see during the Q and A session. Get 4 different ideas on how to makeover your thank you slide and end your presentation powerfully. This video includes real-life examples.
Alternate last slides include:
1. Your Contact Information
2. Call to Action for Sales Presentations
3. Trust Builder slide
4. Key take away for Training / Information presentations

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The PowerPoint Templates showcased in this video can be used in any version of PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019. The video is created in PowerPoint on Office 365 by Ramgopal.

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12 thoughts on “4 Better Alternatives to Thank you Slides: Presentation Ideas

  1. Prerna Naga says:

    hi , can you prepare a power point presentation for the topic my strength, 1st slide should be introduction and 2nd slide should be strengths and 3rd slide should be uniqueness in the strengths and 4rd slide should be proofs of the strengths and 5th slide should be goals and at last 6th slide should be thank you slides…pls do this ppt for mee…

  2. vinay kumar says:

    Hello sir, thank you so much for letting us know the value of the thank you slide. as we the young engineers of the India stepping into the world of professional employees. Your videos are helping me personally to improve my business and presentation skills.

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