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ピザ形のお菓子作成 Making pizza shaped snacks

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It tasted like real pizza. It is savory. The little green and yellow things are savory (Salt flavor). Potato tasted like real potato. Grape soda is flat. This set tasted good.

132 calories. No artificial colours. No preservatives.
It contains milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, pork, gelatin. (Allergic substance)
This kit has three types of mold for potatoes. (This is the blind box. It is random which mold you get.) It cost 253 yen.

253円(132 kcal)ポテトの型は3種類あります。 本物のピザのような味です。
3:57 黄色と黄緑色のトッピングは塩味です。

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